Heather Ale (no hops)

20 litres; OG =1.048; FG =1.008; SRM = 18; IBU = 23; ABV = 5.2% (calculated values, actual values may vary.)


  • 3.3kg Maris Otter or other English pale malt (if this is not available, you can use a blend of 80% pale malt and 20% Munich malt as a substitute)
  • 450g Carapils or other dextrin-type malt
  • 230g crystal malt (20°L)
  • 230g crystal malt (40°L)
  • 60g chocolate malt
  • Scottish Ale yeast (Wyeast 1728 or equivalent). If this is not available, try Fermentis Safale S-33 dry yeast.
  • Spices &/or Herbs:
    • 2 cups dry heather flowers (half added at 60 minutes before end of boil, half added at end of boil)

Brewing instructions:

  • Mash grains in 12 litres of water at 66°C for 60 minutes. Sparge with 76 - 78°C water to collect 22 litres of wort. Total boil time is 90 minutes.
  • After 30 minutes of boil, add first addition of heather flowers. Continue for remaining 60 minutes. Whirlpool and add second addition of heather flowers.
  • Cool to 20°C to pitch starter. Oxygenate/aerate well.
  • Ferment at 20°C for seven days then rack to secondary fermenter. Continue fermentation for seven more days until gravity is about 1.012 or fermentation is finished.
  • Let settle. Rack, prime and bottle.
  • Age seven more days before drinking.

(Source: byo.com. Recipe adapted to Imperial measurements as well as for availability of ingredients in South Africa.)