Welcome to an exciting new way of brewing!

The use of herbs and spices in beer predates the use of hops by many centuries. In the Middle Ages in Britain, early beers were made with a complex blend of herbs and spices (called gruit) to help balance some of the sweet malt notes, with the often sour or wild yeast flavours and aromas. The gruit blend - often a closely guarded secret - may have included bog myrtle (or sweet gale), yarrow, marsh rosemary, heather, mugwort, sage, horehound, thyme, labrador tea, wormwood, licorice, ground ivy or even pine resin, in varying quantities and in different combinations.

While modern beers are almost exclusively brewed with hops alone, there are many innovative versions which derive unusual and interesting flavours from the addition of spices and herbs. This is not for the novice brewer, and requires a certain amount of knowledge and experience. However, today's home brewers, with their propensity for experimentation, will find it a natural progression to look to this long-lost craft to recreate a bit of history, and bring an exciting new dimension to the art of home brewing.

Brewing With Spices And Herbs supplies herbs, spices and other ingredients to both the enthusiastic homebrewer and the modern commercial craft brewer (in both small and bulk quantities).